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While modern science is just now discovering the 92 nutritional elements of Moringa, its uses and benefits date back thousands of years. There are some plant historians who believe the tree was the same tree given to Moses at Marah. Ancient Indian writings as far back as 150 BC refer to the Moringa tree and its healthful uses. The ancient documents of the Ayurveda, India’s oldest of traditional of medicines, said the parts of the Moringa Tree could be used as a powerful health tonic, would treat more than 300 ailments, and make bad water drinkable.  Throughout its 2000+ year history and in many countries, Moringa has been known by more than 200 names because ancient healers renamed the tree after themselves. Early Romans, Greeks and Egyptians prized its therapeutic healing properties and also used it to protect skin, make perfume, and to purify water for drinking. Today, Moringa is accepted & endorsed by more than 300 organizations. It's even used by Olympic athletes, marathon runners, and in professional/collegiate sports. Because it's now scientifically proven to be the most nutritious plant on our Earth, it's uses can range virtually limitless to the human body, to the protection of cells. It's nutritionally the most efficacious plant we know of to human tissues. All of this is because of its 92 natural elements: 46 Antioxidants, 36 Anti-inflammatories, all 18 Amino-acids, and all the Omega 3-6-9 are all in proper ratio and balance.  
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Zija International's start was in 2005, when Ken Brailsford a retiree, who had built 2 successful vitamin/herb companies during the 1970-80's, watched a Discovery Channel documentary about Moringa. After his research & study, he immediately recognized this one plant, the Moringa-oleifera could take the place of 100's of vitamins, supplements, and even 100's natural plant foods. The plant had 92 nutritional elements, 4 times that of any plant on Earth. He then formed his commitment to fight food malnutrition & nutritional disease in the US. He made the commitment to build the Zija company to bring the plant and its super-nutrition healing to America. Mr. Brailsford also wanted Zija to own its trees and the plantation farms, to have control from the growth, the harvest, and into your pantry shelf. 

(Google "Father of herbal encapsulation" is Ken Brailsford, because he founded/developed "Nature's Sunshine" and "Enrich" herb companies during the late 1970's)

Zija now owns it's tree orchards and controls the all natural soil, watering, growth, and cultivation of their Moringa. Zija only grows the "Oleifera" species of Moringa because it has the highest levels of nourishment. The tree parts are then slow moisture controlled, shade dried to preserve enzymes/nutrition. They are then moisture shipped to Zija's FDA-Approved process facility in Utah where they are processed into pharmaceutical-grade products for weight loss, energy, skin care, & of course, the highest nutritional content drink supplements. Each Zija Moringa offering has been maximized with optimum amounts of seeds, pods, buds, and leaves, thus insuring your greatest benefit. The scientists, nutritionists, and doctors at Zija know that Moringa-oleifera's natural elements are best utilized in those 4 health categorizes. Our company has even "coined" the new word, "NUTRI-CEUTICAL" as we have created the first pharmacy grade nutritional product offering.
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HEALTHY? Are you feeling & looking the best you can?  It matters to us. It's time you felt energy and well-being of Zija's 92 cell-ready, immediate bioavailable elements. We offer a "Full-money-back" 30-day guarantee. Please see the product offerings: 

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Disclaimer: Tree of Life & Health is an Independent Distributor. Zija's & Tree of Life & Health's Moringa products do not cure, stop, and/or mitigate disease. Do not alter or discontinue any current medical treatment based on information from these posts and/or their comments. Always check with your doctor prior changing any medication regimen. Our products are not FDA approved because they are not drugs and classed by the USDA as only natural herbal-supplements. Our process and manufacturing facility are FDA approved and deemed Pharmaceutical-Grade.

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