A History of Benefits...

According to the ancient documents of the Ayurveda, India’s oldest of traditional of medicines, the parts of the Moringa Tree could be used as healthful nutrition to the sick. It was first documented in 100AD. Throughout its 2000+ year history and in many countries, Moringa has been known by more than 200 names; an old, common name alternative is simply the "Drumstick Tree." We know ancient healers commonly renamed their medicines after themselves. The healers knew when they cured someone their name on a medicine would live on as a healing legacy. The Moringa was safe, it has no proven bad effects and is safe and organic. It's even used as prenatal-vitamin in some countries. Because of its tolerant properties, it has been given to malnourished little babies in Africa. Athletes all over the world boost their performance abilities by taking huge quantities of the leaf to keep them fit both mentally and physically. The successes of many Olympic marathon runners was the Moringa "secret weapon." Even for senior citizens who are losing their sharpness of mind, the Moringa tree can be a great help. In fact the powder is suitable for all people of any age. *Note: Zija's Moringa products do not cure, stop, and/or mitigate disease.

The Moringa is comparatively an unheard name in spite of the fact that it has been found mentioned more than two thousand years before, and the world's health organizations have been observing and utilizing the tree for more than forty years now as a cheap health supplement in the poverty-stricken countries the world over. It has only been since the late 90's modern scientists looked at its elements. There are more reasons behind lack of knowledge of Moringa: The selling of all kinds of health supplements, minerals and vitamins is a lucrative business. Why would anyone risk a product that's thus-far only given to the poor and staving. No company would ever take the risk of introducing a name that could potentially harm and lower the sales of their other nutritional items. These huge companies would prefer to keep the general public in the dark about the Moringa benefits. This is in order to make their profits for their stock holders and corporate management. The same holds true for the US Medical & Pharmaceutical industry establishment, the college/medical grant system, and government/corporate lobbyist. Zija's Moringa has the vitamin, supplement, and pharmaceutical companies in fear. This is the reason there are so many competitors yelling "scam & snake-oil." Actually, it's because the benefits are real and have been for thousands of years.

Benefits of the Moringa:
  1. Increases the Natural Defenses of the body
  2. Provides nourishment to the eyes and the brain.
  3. Promotes metabolism with bio-available ingredients
  4. Promotes the Cell structure of the body
  5. Promotes natural Serum cholesterol.
  6. Lowers the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  7. Promotes the normal functioning of the liver and the kidney.
  8. Beautifies the skin
  9. Promotes energy
  10. Promotes proper digestion
  11. Acts as an antioxidant
  12. Promotes the immune system of the body
  13. Promotes healthy blood & circulatory system
  14. It is an anti-inflammatory
  15. Gives a feeling of general wellness
  16. Supports the normal sugar levels of the body.
Moringa boosts your energy in a natural manner, and is a remarkable source of nutrition. This energy promotion does not happen because of sugar, so it is lasts for a long time. Individuals ingesting it say they have stronger defenses against diseases.

Other properties of the Moringa leaf is its soothing ability, because of which it can lower the blood pressure and promotes good sleep. It can also purify water since it has a detoxifying effect. Also a coagulant agent, Moringa can attach itself to hazardous bacteria and other materials, a process that is surmised to occur in the body too. The plant has natural COX-2 pain inhibitors that are used by many prescription pain relievers.  The best outcome is more sustained energy without any over-activity, balanced hormone & gland system, controlled blood system, freedom from inflammatory pain, and a rested nervous system. Moringa simply gives your body the "right-stuff" to heal and maintain itself......

Today, It's botanical: health, weight loss, beauty, energy, good-looks, skin care, fun and for many profit...all at the same time. BECAUSE IT'S ABOUT YOUR LOOKS & GREAT HEALTH. 

**MODERN DAY DISCLAIMER: Tree of Life & Health is an Independent Distributor. Zija's & Tree of Life & Health's Moringa products do not cure, stop, and/or mitigate disease. Do not alter or discontinue any current medical treatment based on information from these posts and/or their comments. Always check with your doctor prior changing any medication regimen. Our products are not FDA approved because they are not drugs and classed by the USDA as only natural herbal-supplements.


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